Data Validation Api

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Data Soap can easily be integrated into your website or existing products/services. This might include integrating into your:

  • Website or online forms
  • Dialler system
  • CRM
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Mobile app

Real-time data validation improves data collection and ensures you have correct email addresses or telephone numbers from your users. Improving the accuracy of your data will boost contact rates, SMS or email delivery and sales, as well as improving compliance.

The Data Soap API is both fast and reliable, backed up with a UK based development team that have over 30 years' experience in delivering products and services. Our development team are on-hand to help with product set up and implementation or just to answer any questions you may have.

Our backend service is connected to over 26 different mobile networks making this service one of the most robust services available.

Synchronous API

Data Soap API enables clients to undertake single number lookups to mobile networks, and to query whether a number is registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) via a simple HTTP single line POST or GET.

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Asynchronous API

The asynchronous version of the Data Soap API enables clients to submit single number lookups for HLR (Mobile Validation), TPS, Or Landline checking via HTTP post request, results are than provided via a postback to a web hook.

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Try our demos and discover how our API can help you

Mobile Validation (HLR Lookup)
UK & Worldwide

Our Mobile Validation (HLR look-up) service saves you time and money by removing fake, incorrect or dead numbers from your customer lists.

Landline Validation
UK only

Our landline number validation tool will identify which of your landline numbers are valid and contactable. This will help you have more conversations and improve sales.

UK mobiles & landlines

Ensure your numbers aren't on the Telephone Preference Service registers. Our TPS/CTPS & DNC service guarantees your numbers are legal to call, reducing complaints & helping you avoid hefty fines.

Email Validation

Our Email Validation tool removes incorrectly formatted or undeliverable emails & highlights ‘disposable’ addresses that will become inactive after a short period of time.

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