MNP Lookup (Mobile Portability Lookup)

Mobile Number Portability Lookup will confirm the network a mobile number is allocated to

What is an MNP look-up?

MNP stands for mobile number portability and is a service that informs you which mobile phone provider a number belongs to, if it’s been previously ported, and where it was ported from.

Why would my business benefit from MNP look-up?

Know your customers better.

Analysing your customer's mobile phone network preferences can help you to better understand them.

A little research will tell you what type of people choose which service provider and why. This can help you target the right product or service at the right price to the right demographic.

Getting to know your customers in this way will help to improve the quality of your customer service and elevate your brand's reputation.

Make savvy marketing decisions.

Knowing your customer's network preferences allows you to better target and even personalise your marketing efforts.

Understanding signal hotspots and black spots will allow you to choose the right marketing medium.

And of course, sending relevant messages and offers that align with network providers will increase your overall engagement and conversions.

Save money & make deals.

Sending SMS and calling your customers can be costly.

However, if you’re aware of your customer’s most common network provider, you can negotiate a better business mobile contract or even explore partnerships to offer joint or exclusive promotions to customers using that specific provider.

This can save you money and qualify more leads.


? How do I send you/upload my data?

Once you have created your account, you can drag and drop a CSV of your data into your account to perform an MNP lookup or any of our validity checks.

Just choose MNP Lookup (Mobile Number Portability) from the website menu and scroll down to "Get a free account" and add a few details about you and your business. You can take advantage of our £4.99 offer and receive 200 HLR credits on your account so you can test our service.

? How accurate is MNP Lookup?

We connect directly to the mobile phone network giving you the fastest and most reliable results.

? Can I use MNP Lookup for international numbers?

MNP Lookup services are typically available for all mobile numbers within a specific country or region. Some providers may offer limited international coverage, so it's essential to check run tests to see the results are as you expect.

? What’s the difference between an HLR lookup and a MNP lookup?

An MNP lookup is considerable cheaper than an HLR lookup but it does provide less information. Where an HLR lookup is able to give the current status of the mobile phone number. An MNP lookup will only give the current network that a number is allocated to and its originating network.

? Do you have an API?

Yes we have full API documentation available here

? What other validation checks do you offer?

In addition to our MNP lookups, you can also check using the following features:

  • HLR Lookup
  • TPS and CTPS lookup/validation
  • Landline validation
  • Email validation
  • Address Validation
  • MPS (Mail Preference Service)

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