Data Quality Services for B2B & B2C Data

Clean your data for successful marketing campaigns

How Data Soap can improve your data quality

Data cleaning should be an ongoing process for businesses working with databases compiled of thousands of entries. Data Soap offers a variety of services to aid our B2B and B2C clients maintain clean data for their marketing purposes. Keeping your data quality high leads to better results in your business activities.

Data Soap services

Email Verification for strong email marketing campaigns

Email validation identifies whether your data contains badly formatted and invalid email addresses. You can improve your email campaign results by making sure you are sending emails only to deliverable addresses. Having your data cleaned ensures higher conversion rates and protects your sender reputation, as fewer emails you send will end up undelivered or into your customers’ spam folder.

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HLR (Mobile Validation) Lookup is the first step to higher conversion rates

HLR (Mobile Validation) Check identifies the present status of any GSM number, its current network, whether it is active and switched ON. We will discover for you if your databases are harmed by fake, dead and inactive numbers. Don’t waste time on making calls that will never be answered.

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Apply Landline Cleansing to call only contactable numbers

Enhanced Landline Validation to help reduce uncontactable landline numbers. Enhanced Landline Validation provides information about the status of landline numbers. Make sure all the numbers you call are valid to help you achieve better contact rates and more accurate data.

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Abide by the rules with TPS Check

Businesses are obliged by law to comply with ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) rules on cold calling and check their numbers every 28 days against the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) register. If you fail to screen your data against the TPS and do not have valid opt-ins to contact the individuals, you will be breaching the ICO regulations and could lead to a maximum fine of £500,000.

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CTPS check to optimise your B2B activities

Corporate subscribers can register their numbers with the CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service) to block unsolicited sales and marketing calls. For any B2B campaigns you must screen your data against the CTPS and remove any numbers found on the register. We will screen your data against the CTPS and let you know which records you need to remove from your calling lists to ensure you remain compliant with legal requirements.

Along with the TPS and CTPS we also keep a DNC (Do Not Call) list of around 2 million numbers whose holders have expressed that they do not wish to be called, but they may not have registered with the TPS. By screening against these numbers as well as the TPS and CTPS, you will reduce your chances of getting complaints from individuals you are calling, as well as avoiding the big fines.

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Phone Unsubscribe Management for the efficiency of your B2C practices

Show your customers that you consider their complaints seriously. Let them call your unsubscribe number to remove themselves from your marketing lists. Reduce your energy expenditure dealing with complaints and free up your time.

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Syntax Validation API

Get more detailed information about a phone number with our enhanced lookup service. Save time and money whilst getting better insight into your customers.

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