Landline Cleansing

Make sure you don't call dead or invalid numbers

Landline Validation Identifies Dead and Invalid Numbers

The landline number validation service is ideal for call centres, list owners and data brokers. When you validate a number, you identify its present status and whether it is connected and contactable. It also ensures your list does not contain inactive numbers so you no longer have to waste time calling them and incur potential unnecessary charges.

Choose Landline Validation to save time and money

Data Soap’s landline cleansing service identifies the dead numbers from your telephone list. Before uploading the list to your dialler, why don’t you try Landline Validation to make sure that all the numbers accept incoming calls?

After you get your cleaned list back, you can expect higher contact rates and improved conversions. Using Landline Validation before starting to call customers will not only ease your staff’s job but will also boost their morale as their conversations incease and sales results improve.

  • Identify if a landline is connected and contactable
  • Remove landlines that do not accept incoming calls
  • Remove all dead numbers before calling
  • Improve contact rate and increase conversions
  • Real-time API web form validation
  • Save money & time

How to use the landline cleansing tool?

Simply upload your files to our website and we will do the landline cleanse for you. Depending on the size of the batch, we can complete our checks in a couple of hours and we generally aim to return the cleaned lists within one working day.

Please note that we perform landline cleansing on UK landline numbers only

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