Enhanced Landline validation

Validate Landline numbers in real-time.

Remove invalid and incorrectly formatted phone numbers from your system at the source.

What is Landline Validation?

The Enhanced Landline Validation service allows you to check customer phone numbers to see if they are valid UK numbers.

How will Landline Validation help my business?

Sales and service calls

Increase the chances of contacting your potential customers by removing invalid numbers. Remove the hassle and time wasted by your sales and service teams from calling inactive and invalid numbers.

CRM and Database Management

Many CRMs limit the number of records you can store and charge additional amounts, don't waste your space, money and bloat your systems with data that is never going to work.

Real-time form validation

Stop bad data at the source, only let valid data enter your systems by using our landline phone number validation service to validate data in real-time. No matter how you collect your leads our integrations and API can help you collect accurate phone numbers.

About us

We are a telecoms and software company with several in-house developers at hand and our HLR tool and API have helped thousands of businesses over the past 12 years to validate their numbers so they can be more efficient and more compliant.

Our web portal features a bulk upload tool and is used to validate batches of phone numbers or you can check individual records via our API.

Our web portal gives you several free use cases on how to perform the different cleaning and validation options that we offer. To help you get started, we also have free how-to videos that guide you step-by-step on all our features.

If you cannot find what you need, you can contact our developers or our UK support team who will help you find the information on our platform.

Why businesses use us

We have been helping businesses with all types of data cleaning and validation for years. Many worldwide businesses have legacy databases of stale and out-of-date contact phone details, and these businesses waste both time and money calling or sending an SMS.

Up-to-date and clean contact details are essential for an effective sales and customer service team and ensuring that you capture correct information at the point of entry is very important. We have seen an increase in companies now validating in real-time using our API. They add this tool to their web forms and capture pages to detect any fake or incorrect details.

Over the years, we have refined our number lookup system and other validation checks with the help of a team of dedicated developers and service team feedback. We have also added features to help businesses be both efficient and compliant whilst keeping our pricing competitive.


? How does Landline Validation work?

You can batch cleanse bulk or single landline numbers via our website or build a custom service using our API. The Enhanced Landline Validation Service uses a proprietary custom built in house technology to validate a landline number. Each number goes through a multistage process to remove known bad and dead numbers.

? What countries can you validate phone numbers in?

You can access our demonstration for free by testing the validity of your own number. New customers can also receive £100 worth of credits for only £4.99 when signing up for a new account.

? Do you offer a full phone number validation service?

Yes, you can check both a mobile number and landline number with our website (create an account here) or you can check a phone number via our API - Full details are available here. We will identify the number type and run the appropriate phone number cleanse.

For more information on our mobile phone number verification service click here.

Our integrations will help you save time and allow you to create a smooth experience for your phone number verification purposes.

? How much does landline phone validation cost?

Landline phone number Validation costs from £0.00X per check and is great value for money.

Try our Enhanced Landline Validation

Sign up today for your free account and try the service with our no-commitment £4.99 offer, saving you over £100.

Get a free account

If you want more information or detailed pricing please contact us by email at sales@liquid11.co.uk or phone on 0207 856 0422.

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