Any Size SMS Marketing Service

Seamlessly Send Text Messages Online

Bulk SMS Marketing Service

If you're using Data Soap to validate and clean all your data, then taking advantage of our SMS software just makes sense. It takes the headache out of creating your SMS campaign elsewhere by sending your texts straight from your Data Soap account.

You can send a one-off text, bulk texts or schedule a whole campaign. And just like any other provider, you can send and receive texts, plus track and manage unsubscribers.

It does what it says on the box!

  • Send SMS in single or bulk
  • Schedule SMS
  • Create an SMS campaign
  • Send and receive text messages
  • SMS URL tracking
  • Easy contact & group management

Use SMS To Grow Your Business

Sending your customer a text puts you and your brand right in their hands, so it’s perfect to add to your marketing plan.

You can use SMS to:

  • Educate or entertain your customers to create a trusting relationship.
  • Inform customers of special offers or discounts with clickable links.
  • Tell customers about new products or services that would benefit them.
  • Broadcast changes within your business that will excite customers, such as a reduction in your carbon footprint or your going green strategy.
  • Send polls or surveys to discover your customer's wants & needs.

By taking advantage of Data Soaps SMS software you can establish your company as the expert in your industry, build on your customer service reputation & increase sales.


? What countries can I send SMS to?

Currently, our service is available throughout the UK, and we are looking to expand this in the future. If you are looking to target other countries right now, please contact our friendly sales team at or call them on 0207 856 0422.

? Do you have an SMS API?

Yes, we do have an SMS API.

? Do you provide Shortcodes?

Sadly, shortcodes are unavailable on the website at the moment. If you would like more information, please contact our team at or call us on 0207 856 0422.

? How many characters can I use in an SMS?

A standard single SMS message is 160 characters long. However, our service allows you to send multiple messages that appear on the users phone as a single message.

? Can we use emojis in the SMS?

Yes! Emojis make your brand more relatable and trustworthy, so we encourage their use. Each emoji will use 2 characters. We recommend testing these before sending to make sure they render correctly on the mobile phone.

How do I start?

Sign up for an account now
or contact us on 0207 856 0422 or email us on

Other cleansing, validation services we offer

Mobile Validation

HLR lookup UK & Worldwide

Our Mobile Validation (HLR look-up) service saves you time and money by removing fake, incorrect or dead numbers from your customer lists.


UK mobiles & landlines checks

Ensure your numbers aren't on the Telephone Preference Service registers. Our TPS/CTPS & DNC service guarantees your numbers are legal to call, reducing complaints & helping you avoid hefty fines.

Landline Validation

Enhanced landline number validation

Our enhanced Landline Validation tool will help you identify which of your landline numbers are valid. This will help you have more conversations, improve sales and stop the collection of false data.

Email Validation

High quality email checks

Our Email Validation tool removes incorrectly formatted or undeliverable emails & highlights ‘disposable’ addresses that will become inactive after a short period of time.

Postal Address Validation

Mail accurate addresses

Marketing is expensive - don’t waste money on mailing to inaccurate addresses. We use the Royal Mail Address File, the UK’s most up-to-date address database, consisting of over 30 million UK postal addresses to ensure your campaigns never fail.

Mail Preference Service

Postal marketing validation

Screen your customer lists against the Mail Preference Service register, making sure you don’t contact households that have opted out of postal marketing.