Unsubscribe Management Service

Reduce complaints with Data Soap's free and fully managed phone opt out service

How does the Unsubscribe Management service work?

Simple. A customer only needs to call your dedicated Unsubscribe Number to remove their number from your marketing lists. Your dedicated Unsubscribe Number can be found in the UNSUBSCRIBE page once you log in. Because our system is automated, there is no margin for errors. Unsubscribes are logged and added to your own list within your Data Soap account. You can then screen against this list via the portal to remove all of your unsubscribes before dialling.

Treat complaints seriously and protect your company image

It is essential that you clearly demonstrate that you are treating your customers failry. By utilising phone opt out service and allowing them to unsubscribe from your marketing activities, you show them you treat their complaints seriously. It leaves good impression of your business. Even when the customers want to disconnect from you, guide them through the process with utmost consideration.

What are the benefits of using a phone suppression service?

Aside from maintaining a positive company reputation, the Unsubscribe Management service saves you time and energy and decreases stress levels when having to deal with unhappy clients. We will email you the unsubscribe details right away for you to download at your convenience. You need to keep your DNC lists accurate and effective to reduce complaints and abide the rules imposed by the ICO.

You can advertise your Unsubscribe Number on your website or pass it to complainants via your agents. Enable your customers to stop receiving calls from you and free up your agents’ time previously filled with long explanations to filed complaints.

Reduce compliance risk now!

Call 0203 189 1199 to listen to our demo line.

Automated System

A customer calls your dedicated Unsubscribe Number to remove their number from your marketing lists and we collect their details for you via our automated system.

These details are added to your own list on your Data Soap account for you to download or screen against at any time. Because it is automated, this process is painless for everyone and there is no margin for error, so no chance of repeat offences providing you screen against your list before your next campaign.

We treat complaints seriously

The customer is given the option to hear instructions about how to add their number to the TPS register or to end the call immediately.

This helps to show that you take their complaint seriously and want to do everything you can to ensure they never receive a marketing call from you again.

Save time, energy and stress

The unsubscribe details are emailed to you straight away and the full list can be downloaded 24/7 from your online Data Soap account.

Your Unsubscribe Number can be passed to complainants by your agents as well as advertised on your website. This is a very welcome tool for your agents which will reduce escalated complaints, save a considerable amount of time, energy and stress.