HLR Lookup (Mobile Validation)

Improve your efficiency & stop calling dead mobile numbers

HLR Lookup (Mobile Validation) will clean your mobile phone data

What is an HLR Lookup

HLR stands for Home Location Register and is a database that holds up-to-date information for every mobile phone subscriber worldwide. An HLR lookup can tell you if a mobile phone number is active, switched on and which network that number has been assigned to.

How can HLR Lookups improve my efficiency rates

Sales and service calls

As an HLR Lookup informs you of a mobile phones' status, you can see which phones are currently active
and switched on.

By only calling these "live" numbers, this can dramatically increase your conversations and sales conversions rates which also has a positive effect on your team morale as you speak to more customers.

Marketing & customer service SMS messaging

If you regularly send an SMS to your customer base, using an HLR lookup service makes your SMS efforts more cost-effective as you are not wasting money sending an SMS to dead
or inactive phones.

An HLR lookup can help you to only send SMS's to active numbers, increasing your compliance with GDPR and other regulatory bodies.

Real-time HLR (API)

You can also use an HLR lookup in real-time to instantly check the validity of a number entered on your website.

An HLR lookup reduces the amount of dead, fake, or inaccurate details entered.

This leaves you less exposed to fraud and errors whilst also increasing your potential conversation rates.

About us

We are a telecoms and software company with several in-house developers at hand and our HLR tool and API have helped thousands of businesses over the past 12 years to validate their numbers so they can be more efficient and more compliant.

Our web portal features an HLR bulk upload tool and is used to validate batches of mobile numbers or businesses can check individual records via our API.

Our web portal gives you several free use cases on how to perform the different cleaning and validation options that we offer. To help you get started, we also have free how-to videos and use cases that guide you step-by-step on all our features.

If you cannot find the use case or tutorial you need, you can contact our developers or our UK support team who can help you find the information on our platform.

Why businesses use us

We have been helping businesses with all types of data cleaning and validation for years. Many worldwide businesses have legacy databases of stale and out-of-date contact phone details, and these business waste both time and money calling or sending an SMS to.

Up-to-date and clean contact details are essential for an effective sales and customer service team and ensuring that you capture correct information at the point of entry is very important. We have seen an increase in companies now validating in real-time using our API. They add this tool to their web forms and capture pages to detect any fake or incorrect details.

Over the years, we have refined our HLR process, our number lookup system and other validation checks with the help of a team a dedicated developers and service team feedback. We have also added features to help businesses be both efficient and compliant whilst keeping our pricing competitive.


? How do I send you/upload my data?

Once you have created your account, you can drag and drop a CSV of your data into your account to perform an HLR lookup or any of our validity checks.

Just choose HLR Lookup (Mobile Validation) from the website menu and scroll down to "Get a free account" and add a few details about you and your business. You can take advantage of our £4.99 offer and receive 200 HLR credits on your account so you can test our service.

? Can I test your service for free?

You can access our demonstration for free by testing the validity of your own number. New customers can also receive £100 worth of credits for only £4.99 when signing up for a new account.

? How to clean your data on Data Soap?

The most popular way to clean your data is to use the upload batch option on our website.

Just click "batch jobs" and then you are free to upload your data here. Your batch can contain a list of your customers or website subscribers with their associated details such as mobile or landline numbers, email address etc.

You will need to ensure that when you upload your file, that your file type is in the correct format (Either an excel spreadsheet or CSV) as any other file type is invalid.

Once uploaded, you then need to map the correct columns. Please be aware that you can have separate columns for mobile and landline numbers, or you can have a mix of mobile, international mobile and landline numbers under the heading "Mixed numbers".

? How easy is it to validate my data?

Using Data Soap for your HLR lookup is simple. If you want to validate your mobile numbers and see the results, you can quickly access our online portal for bulk uploads for batches of data or via our API for individual records.

If you are validating for SMS marketing, our comprehensive use cases in our FAQ section will guide you through all our features. And our easy to use web portal gives you all the information you need to perform an HLR lookup and validate any number.

? How does the API work?

The Data Soap API number lookup service can easily integrate into your website or existing products/services and might include integrating into your:

  • Website or online forms
  • Dialer system
  • CRM
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Mobile app

Real-time number lookup validation improves data collection and ensures you have correct email addresses or telephone numbers from your users. Improving the accuracy of your data will boost contact rates.

The Data Soap lookup API is fast, reliable, and backed up with a UK based development team that has over 30 years of experience in delivering products, features and services.

Our development team are on-hand to help with the product set up and implementation or to answer any questions you may have.

Our backend service also has access to over 26 different mobile networks making this service one of the most robust services available.

? What other validation checks do you offer?

In addition to our HLR lookups, you can also check using the following features:

  • TPS and CTPS lookup/validation
  • Landline validation
  • Email validation
  • Address Validation
  • MPS (Mail Preference Service)

? How many times can I perform an HLR lookup on one number?

You can perform an HLR lookup as often as you wish. There are no restrictions on HLR or "Lookups" for mobile numbers using the bulk upload or the API.

? Is HLR and HLR lookup the same thing?

Yes, HLR stands for "Home Location Register" and we perform a lookup on that register to return the details about that mobile.

? What use cases do you have for my business?

We have many use cases in our main FAQ menu on our website. We also demonstrate video use cases, and we can run through these with you.

Contact us on 0207 856 0422 talk to a service agent, or you can contact us at sales@datasoap.co.uk for specific use cases covering your industry or for any question or pricing details.

? Does look up and validate means the same thing?

In our terminology, yes. We must perform an HLR "lookup" on the "Home Location Register" to validate the mobile record.

? Are you based in the UK?

Yes, we are UK based. You can contact us on 0207 856 0422 to talk to a service agent or you can contact us at sales@datasoap.co.uk for questions regarding costs or any pricing query.

? How do I use an API?

API or "Application Programming Interface" uses a network to connect two or more software intermediaries or databases. You may need access to developers or a dedicated or third-party technical resource to assist communication with our servers. We can also provide supporting documentation.

Our documentation is available here or contact us on 0207 856 0422 talk to our developers or a service agent or, you can contact us at sales@datasoap.co.uk for assistance with our API or any question or pricing query.

? Can you send SMS messages for me?

No, but we can check the mobile phone numbers you intend to send a message to, so you are not charged by your SMS provider for routing messages to dead or inactive numbers.

? What does an HLR lookup cost?

When you create an account and choose your lookup product from within the portal, the individual pricing for each of the lookup product is displayed online. You can access any of our lookup services from our portal as well as access to our API documentation.

? What is the coverage of an HLR lookup?

The HLR lookup coverage is worldwide and as such, has global coverage. Detailed coverage can be seen here.

? Can I use the HLR lookup portal from a mobile phone?

Yes, you can access our website from your mobile phone and use our HLR lookup service. If you do utilise the portability of our mobile site to perform lookups, please ensure you have sufficient network coverage and you understand the data roaming charges for the country you are in.

How do I start?

Get started today and contact us on 0207 856 0422 to talk to a service agent or
you can contact us at sales@datasoap.co.uk for any question or pricing query.

Data Soap can eliminate hundreds of dead numbers from your database

By using Data Soap, you can easily check if a mobile phone is active and switched and which network it is assigned to. This will enable you to find out whether it would be worth contacting it for your business purposes.

Data Soap will save you time and money by allowing you to get rid of inactive numbers you no longer need to contact.

HLR Lookup (Mobile Validation) will improve your efficiency rates

Using HLR will raise your conversion rates and boost the employee morale as the number of unanswered calls will be reduced dramatically.

  • Check if a mobile number is active and switched ON
  • Identify fake, inaccurate and dead mobile numbers
  • Identify the home network of a mobile number
  • Save time and money whilst improving call centre efficiency
  • Real-time API web form validation / bulk upload / fully managed in-house service

HLR Lookup (Mobile Validation) serves to cleanse your data and optimise the functioning of your business

HLR Lookup (Mobile Validation) can help businesses who operate with large databases reduce money loss by cleaning their data of dead, fake and inaccurate numbers.

Upload your files once you are logged into your account and monitor the progress of your batch. We can also manage your data lists and return them to you on the same working day.

UK & International Mobile Numbers Only

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