Email Verification & Validation

Make sure your next email campaign is successful

Email Validation cleans your lists of invalid and unformatted addresses

What does Email Verification do?

By applying Email Verification you will find out if email addresses on your list are correctly formatted, valid and deliverable. You can validate email addresses instantly in real time via our API as well as uploading files for bulk cleaning. Email Checker can also find “disposable” email addresses that will expire soon or have already expired. You can then contact the customer to suggest re-entering an alternative.

Guarantee better results with Email Verification

Email Checker is devised to clean your email lists and help you achieve better results in your email marketing campaigns. You can increase your email ROI and get more representative data of your performance when you optimise your lists. Moreover, email validation can preserve your sender reputation as fewer emails you send will end up undelivered or be considered spam. Applying email verification can ensure a more favourable positioning of your business as your campaigns will become more focussed and your response rate will go up, once you have got rid of unformatted and invalid addresses.

  • Identify if an email address is correctly formatted and valid
  • Send emails only to deliverable addresses
  • API for real-time web form validation
  • Learn whether the email address is ‘free’ such as Gmail or Yahoo!
  • Find ‘disposable’ email addresses that will soon expire or have already expired
  • Identify email addresses that accepts all emails sent to it

Reduce costs with email validation

Email Checker is justified in terms of cost-efficiency, too. You will no longer have to spend money on sending emails to addresses that are never going to reply. Your campaign costs will be reduced and so will your bounce rates which gives a positive image to your business.

Email Validation is perfect for online surveys, competition sites and sign up or registration pages

If your business involves contacting thousands of people via email, it is wise to undergo email verification. You will streamline your operations and get a better insight on your performance.

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Landline Cleansing
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