TPS Unlimited vs Data Soap

TPS Services offer automated online TPS, CTPS and FPS screening

What is TPS Unlimited?

TPS Unlimited are a company which sole purpose is to check numbers against the UK TPS Register.

Pricing and features

TPS Unlimited offer single number checks, as well as verifying larger files carrying a greater amount of numbers.

Interestingly, prices are determined by the speed with which the checks are executed. 50 checks per second equal a monthly cost of £50. The uppermost fee for a month is £250 for 250 checks performed per second.

Cost comparison between Data Soap and TPS Unlimited

The TPS Unlimited pricing system looks rather simple but does not seem to offer much flexibility. It centres on the time performing the checks will take. The more verifications are done in a second, the higher the costs. We, however, feel that this could be a bit unfair. The customers usually prefer to see how much they have to pay per number or per a bundle. These types of plans facilitate the customers’ decision on what would suit their business best.

We, at Data Soap, have come another step further, offering total flexibility in pricing. Just call us on 0207 856 0422 and we will be able to offer you a package that satisfies all your needs, at competitive industry prices.

Data Soap also provides additional number checking services which TPS Unlimited do not offer, these include;

UK & International

Our HLR (Mobile Validation) check allows you to check if a mobile number is live, connected, switched on and what network it is assigned to.

Save your time and money by removing fake, incorrect or dead numbers from your marketing lists.

Landline Validation
UK only

Our landline number validation tool will identify which of your landline numbers are valid and contactable.

Ensuring your landline numbers are valid will help your agents have more conversations and therefore improve conversions.

UK mobiles & landlines

Ensure your numbers aren't on the Telephone Preference Service registers. You will avoid hefty fines and guarantee your numbers are legal to call.

Significantly reduce complaints with our DNC (Do Not Call) tool; included for free with our TPS/CTPS service.

Email Validation
All email addresses

Use our Email verification tool to remove emails that are incorrectly formatted or undeliverable. Identify ‘free’ emails such as Yahoo! and Gmail.

Email validation will also highlight ‘disposable’ addresses that will become inactive after a short period of time.

Choosing the best option for you

Overall Data Soap offers a full service for anyone looking to verify mobile phone numbers along with a whole host of additional extras.

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