TPS Services vs Data Soap

TPS Services offer automated online TPS, CTPS and FPS screening

Who are TPS Services?

TPS Services offer automated online TPS, CTPS and FPS screening. Their services also include Mobile and Landline Validation, automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Bureau Services.

TPS Services features and prices

TPS Services offer 24/7 online data screening. In addition to delivering TPS and CTPS Check, HLR (Mobile Validation) Lookup and Landline Validation, they also provide automated IVR to their clients.

IVR handles call backs from previously missed calls. The user can use either computer-generated voice to apologize for the missed call and optionally add an opt-out option for the caller to be directly added to the DNC database.

The standard apology option costs £75 + VAT per annum per number. Adding the opt-out option increases the annual cost to £125 + VAT. The users can also record a more personalized greeting for a one-off fee of £25.

TPS Services also supply their clients Bureau services, via which they can email their databases to TPS Services, instead of uploading them on the website.

TPS Services new users get 250 free credits on TPS Screening and free 1000 number validation credits.

They charge on a per number basis and the more numbers customers want to have checked, the lower the cost of a single number validated. TPS Services bundles start from £5.10 (incl. VAT) for up to 250 numbers.

What are the differences between TPS Services and Data Soap?

Data Soap offer the same services as TPS Services, bar the IVR and Bureau services, but we compensate by providing the customers with Email Validation services. It works the same way as HLR (Mobile Validation) Lookup or TPS Check, but for email addresses. We aim to help email marketers improve their campaign performances by identifying for them whether there are invalid email addresses in their databases.

We also accept single number entries to be verified, as well as larger batches, while TPS Services are designed for volume checking only, and not for individual validation.

Data Soap pricing depends on the customers’ needs. We offer flexible packages and we will make sure that we beat our competitors’ plans.

Just call us on 0207 856 0422 to discuss your opportunities.

Data Soap also provides additional number checking services, these include;

Mobile Validation (HLR Lookup)
UK & Worldwide

Our Mobile Validation (HLR look-up) service saves you time and money by removing fake, incorrect or dead numbers from your customer lists.

Landline Validation
UK only

Our landline number validation tool will identify which of your landline numbers are valid and contactable. This will help you have more conversations and improve sales.

UK mobiles & landlines

Ensure your numbers aren't on the Telephone Preference Service registers. Our TPS/CTPS & DNC service guarantees your numbers are legal to call, reducing complaints & helping you avoid hefty fines.

Email Validation

Our Email Validation tool removes incorrectly formatted or undeliverable emails & highlights ‘disposable’ addresses that will become inactive after a short period of time.

Choosing the best option for you

Overall Data Soap offers a full service for anyone looking to verify mobile phone numbers along with a whole host of additional extras.

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