Data8 vs Data Soap

Data 8 provides real-time data validation, comprehensive data cleansing, data supply and data management services.

What services does Data8 offer?

Just like Data Soap, Data 8, too, offers email validation, TPS / CTPS screening and landline and mobile number validation. Below we will outline the pricing for each service.

Data8 pricing

Data8’s email validation service is divided into two categories.

For a syntax-only level of validation, the charge is £5 per 1000 records. The syntax validation checks the structure of the email address, i.e. if it contains only one @ and only characters allowed for email addresses.

The address-level validation is twice more expensive - £10 per 1000 records, and validates the domain, i.e., if the email address is capable of receiving emails.

Depending on whether you would like to use a live number testing, telephone number validation costs either £5 or £30 per 1000 checks.

For mobile number validation the price is £20 per 1000 checks.

TPS screening costs £5 per 1000 records, CTPS check is £7.50 / 1000 records, and both screenings performed together are priced at £12.50 per 1000 checks.

The table below presents a clearer breakdown of Data8’s pricing.

Service Cost per 1000 checks Cost per single check
Email validation (syntax-level) £5 0.5p
Email validation (address-level) £10 1p
Telephone number validation (non-live testing) £5 0.5p
Telephone number validation (live testing) £30 3p
Mobile number validation £20 2p
TPS £5 0.5p
CTPS £7.50 0.75p
TPS & CTPS £12.50 1.25p

Please note that Data8 requires a minimum order value of £25 + VAT

What can Data Soap offer?

At Data Soap, we take pride in devising tailored packages for clients with more specific needs. We will do everything to come up with a competitor-beating pricing commensurate with the quality of service delivered.

Sign up now to see our standard pricing, email us at or call us on 0207 856 0422 for further discussion of your requirements.

Data Soap's services include:

Mobile Validation (HLR Lookup)
UK & Worldwide

Our Mobile Validation (HLR look-up) service saves you time and money by removing fake, incorrect or dead numbers from your customer lists.

Landline Validation
UK only

Our landline number validation tool will identify which of your landline numbers are valid and contactable. This will help you have more conversations and improve sales.

UK mobiles & landlines

Ensure your numbers aren't on the Telephone Preference Service registers. Our TPS/CTPS & DNC service guarantees your numbers are legal to call, reducing complaints & helping you avoid hefty fines.

Email Validation

Our Email Validation tool removes incorrectly formatted or undeliverable emails & highlights ‘disposable’ addresses that will become inactive after a short period of time.

Choosing the best option for you

Overall Data Soap offers a full service for anyone looking to verify mobile phone numbers along with a whole host of additional extras.

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