Should I validate the contact details I collect online?

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So, you have your website ready and are keen to start generating some valuable leads for your business but what is the impact of over-looking the importance of validation?


Calling back dead numbers that you have collected online is frustrating and time-consuming. Making sure that all details collected are valid will increase the number of conversations your staff have which will, in turn, improve your conversion rate – no-brainer!


Outbound dialling, email and SMS campaigns cost money. Not only have you already spent a decent sum of money getting your website perfect and driving traffic to it, you then also have the call, text, email software, building, employee and general running costs too. How much is dialling and texting dead numbers costing you?


By eliminating the collection of dead numbers and email addresses, you will instantly see an increase in your sales stats and conversions. As mentioned previously, if every lead is contactable your staff will be speaking to more prospects and therefore have the opportunity to turn more of those conversations into sales. Running an email campaign and sending to a large number of invalid email addresses can also have its consequences too.

Staff Morale

Anyone who has ever worked in a sales environment will know that an increase in sales means that targets are met, bonus is earnt, and you have a very happy workforce. The boost in staff morale is passed on to potential customers and generally, sales will continue to rise. A content workplace will also keep your employee turnover low reducing recruitment and training costs.

Reduce fraudulent and ‘spammy’ enquiries

When someone completes and submits your web-form after providing invalid details, the chances are they are not legitimately interested in hearing from you – this happens a lot with online surveys and competitions as they are incentivised. Of course, there is always a chance of a typo too so if they are genuinely interested and would like to hear from you they will re-enter valid details after being prompted.

Using an online data validation tool such as Data Soap via your online form is quick and easy. Whether it be via a simple 'Contact Us' page, a Quotation Request or an Application Form, if you are going to the effort of creating and driving traffic to your website it makes sense to ensure the leads are accurate and contactable.

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