Data Complaints and How To Deal with them Effectively!

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There really is nothing worse than having to deal with customers who complain about the fact that you called them. It doesn’t matter to them the lengths you went to in order to ensure that your data was compliant or that they had opted in for the call. All they care about is that you called them and that they didn’t want you to.

Whether you’re dealing with someone who is polite and just wants to be removed from your call list or your dealing with someone who is screaming down the phone at you and calling you every bad word under the sun, dealing with complaints is probably the worst part of everyone’s job.

With that in mind we have created an automated system that is fully compliant but will deal with your customer complaints for you in a quick and efficient manner.

Using an automated system like that available via Data Soap, all you would have to do in response to a customer complaint is give them your Unsubscribe Direct number to call and just like that the complaint is dealt with and you are free to get on with more profitable work.

Using such a service can save you or possibly your agents a great deal of time and wasted effort on dealing with complaints when that time would be better put to use on picking up the phone and making another outbound call. It will also help reduce work related stress and possibly even increase job satisfaction as one of the main obstacles to enjoying work has been taken away.

The Data Soap Unsubscribe service is a structured, consistent and recorded complaints line that is easy for anyone to use. By calling the supplied number your customers will simply get the chance to opt out of receiving calls again without ever having to bother you or your employees. It even offers useful information to callers such as information on the TPS which will help reduce the number of escalated complaints in the future.

Most importantly though, it meets all of your compliance obligations so there really aren’t any drawbacks to using the system.

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