TPS vs Opt-in – what you need to know

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Now that GDPR has hit and is in full swing your marketing data is now more valuable than ever. Whilst being able to contact someone not on the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) can still be done using legitimate interest, you still need an explicit opt-in to call someone on the TPS.

The hardest and most expensive part is getting the data in the first place - you are nearly free to call it!

However, you are still required to screen this data against the TPS every 28 days BUT how will you know the difference between someone who has added themselves to the TPS before they opted in to hear from you? Without the TPS registration date, you wouldn’t know so are probably removing many records that still have a legitimate opt in! You are potentially burning a lot of expensive data which you could in fact call.

You only need to remove them from your list, if they have added themselves to the TPS AFTER the date you captured their details.

When screening your data against the TPS with Data Soap, you receive the registration date free of charge allowing you to remove only those with a date prior to when you collected the details. This is the only way you can ensure that you are making the most of the data you have collected.

This information is also incredibly useful when dealing with complaints.

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