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Data Soap is the new face of Mobile Verification – the comprehensive data cleansing service that has enjoyed considerable success in the first years of its existence. We launched the brand new website –, which is more user-friendly and has a new easy-to-navigate online portal. The site involves more in-depth information about each of the products and a newly-created blog page where we will be regularly publishing insightful data-related articles.

The decision for the rebranding stemmed from our will to appeal to a larger number of potential customers who are interested in using data cleaning tools. The old name Mobile Verification implied that we offer only mobile numbers validation, when we do much more.

What are the new Data Soap features?

Besides mobile verification (also known as HLR (Mobile Validation) Lookup), we provide email validation, landline cleansing, TPS / CTPS Check, and Phone Unsubscribe Management, the latter being the newest addition to our catalogue.

The main goal of the Unsubscribe service is to reduce the customer complaints our clients receive. We assign a dedicated unsubscribe number to their business to which clients can call and automatically remove themselves from the respective organisation’s target lists.

Another significant update available to our customers, is the option to upload their own “Do Not Call” lists so we can screen their own data lists against these while using our other services. The automated phone line also feeds any unsubscribes directly into this list.

Below we will outline each product’s main functions and how your business could make the most of Data Soap's tools.

Email Validation

Email validation is ideal for online surveys, competition sites and sign up / registration pages.

It clears email databases of invalid or badly formatted addresses. Email validation will optimise your business’ performance since emails will only be sent to deliverable addresses. This will increase the ROI and reduce the costs of the undertaken email marketing campaigns.

You will also maintain clean sender reputation as fewer of your emails will be considered spammy.

It is also possible to integrate a real-time web form to your website so you can validate email addresses instantly.

Advanced HLR (Mobile Validation) Lookup

HLR (Mobile Validation) Lookup performs a network-level check against any GSM number to identify its present network status. You will find out whether a number is switched on and active, and thus worth contacting.

By cleaning dead and inaccurate numbers, your call centre staff will be saved some precious time. Besides, their conversion rates will suddenly improve, once they start reaching their call destinations more regularly.

Ideal for call centres, list owners and websites collecting mobile numbers in real-time, HLR (Mobile Validation) Check removes hundreds of fake numbers from your lists in a couple of hours.

Landline Cleansing

Data Soap’s Landline Cleansing service is like an HLR (Mobile Validation) Lookup but it identifies the connectivity of landlines. We will execute our checks and let you know which numbers on your lists are live, flag those that do not accept incoming calls and identify whether a number has changed.

Just like with email verification and HLR (Mobile Validation) Lookup, you can add a real-time API web form to your site for a quick check of single numbers.

Phone Unsubscribe Management

Data Soap now provides Phone Unsubscribe Management service. You could offer your clients a painless way to remove themselves from your marketing lists. It works simply – when your customer calls your dedicated unsubscribe number, we will automatically add them to your DNC (Do Not Call) list. The amount of complaints will dwindle and you can focus on converting only valuable leads.

TPS / CTPS Check

It is obligatory to comply with the ICO regulations and screen your data against the TPS/CTPS. You could be fined up to £500 000 for failing to abide, but the scarier consequence of breaking the law would be the damage to your business reputation.

Data Soap comes with 100 free credits for each of the four main services – email verification, HLR (Mobile Validation) Lookup, landline cleansing and TPS / CTPS Check.

Try our bulk SMS service today and enjoy a superior streamlined marketing campaign!

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