Phone Number Validation

Make sure you call the numbers you are allowed to

A phone number is arguably the most vital contact point for customers

Why phone number verification is important

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out that someone has submitted an enquiry on your website and the contact number is not valid, relates to a dead number or in the case of mobiles appears to be switched off.

Use Data Soap's phone validator tools on your website or app

Our API’s allow you to validate phone numbers (both mobiles and landlines) in real time when data is entered onto your data capture form. This provides you with a valuable validation tool that ensures that only contactable telephone numbers are collected through your data capture sites.

The phone number validation service works with UK and international numbers for mobile phones, and UK numbers only for landlines.

  • TPS/CTPS Checker
  • Mobile Number Verification
  • Landline Number Validation

Try our phone number validation tools

Other cleansing, validation services we offer

HLR Lookup
For all mobile numbers

Our HLR Check and Data Soap tool allows you to check if a mobile number is live, connected, switched on and what network it is assigned to.

Save your time and money by removing fake, incorrect or dead numbers from your marketing lists.

Landline Cleansing
For UK landlines only

Our landline number validation tool will identify which of your landline numbers are valid and contactable. Easily remove dead and invalid numbers.

Ensuring your landline numbers are valid will help your agents get more conversations and conversions.

Email Verification
For any email address

Use our Email verification tool to remove emails that are incorrectly formatted or undeliverable. Identify ‘free’ emails such as Yahoo! and Gmail.

Email validation will also highlight ‘disposable’ addresses that will become inactive after a short period of time.